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Thank you for your interest in the 2012 ICT NBA 2k 12 Tournament. 

Gaming Console: XBOX-360

Location: Rock Island Live (101 N.Rock Island)

Saturday March 3rd 2012

12 Noon till 7pm

Registration Fee: $20

Deadline to Register: Thursday March 1st

Must be 18 to Register

Number of Players allowed: 64

Single Elimination game

5 min Quarters

Level: Hall of Fame

Seeding for Tournament will be Randomly Selected

Players must select 3 teams of their choice and pick one team to play with.

Players who advance can switch teams as long as it remains within their original 3

Players will have to provide their own controller

Top 2 Eastern Conference Players play each other

Top 2 Western Conference Players play each other

Finals: Eastern Conference Champion vs Western Conference Champion

Click the ”Register Now” link above now or call (316)300-1451,(316)768-0833
Sponsored by House of Schwan, Monster Energy, CD Tradepost & Buy Backs.

Str8 Illy sonn!!!!


I’m Jelous that they only make this in kid size cuss i would have a pair or to 


Chuck Taylor DC Comics - Batmobile (Kids 1-3 yr), $37, Converse

Although the current DC Comics x Converse catalog is pretty sweet, none of the designs have really made me rush out to purchase a pair of kicks; partially because I seldom wear sneakers, and primarily because when I do, I already own a pair of vintage Batman x Converse hi-tops. That said, it appears that I’ve finally encountered the only exception: if these Batmobile Chucks were available in adult sizes, I would stock up on a few backup pairs and wear them EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Get on it, Converse.

What If - Big Mike ft Manish law & Oscar Diggz shot by Josh Hernandez of Impris Media. 

I really really love this song, from the beat, to the verses, to the hook, I mean the entire sound. The video just brings it to life and elevates the track even more…..Please re-share the video if you like it, it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

Nike Air Jordan Sample Retro XI Promo(Black Out) - These joints just got sold on Ebay for $11,267 son…..One of the highest prices ever for a sample shoe………Pretty Ill but I’m not shelling out that kind of gwap for a pair of sneakers, especially when kids are starving in Africa.

The difference between DRUNK and DISRESPECTFUL lmao!!!!

Got Heart??????

Got Heart??????

LMAO…………Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned

LMAO…………Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned

Only in JAPAN lol!!!

I thought this ad was pretty funny and ballsy when I first saw it, but if you read the entire story, it will even make you laugh harder lol….Enjoy

Read full story here»

And now a message from your President Barack Obama!!!!!

And now a message from your President Barack Obama!!!!!

LMAO…..Cldn’t have said it better myself!!!!


LMAO…..Cldn’t have said it better myself!!!!